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It is a fact of modern life, that demand for private security services continues to rise annually,fuelled not only by the unease generated by reported crime rates but also low public expectations of levels of protection on offer from the police.

Combined with the fact that most of today's homes being filled with hi-tech gadgets inc. mobile phones, flat screen TVs, computers, laptops and tablets, not to mention jewellery, antiques, sentimental items and of course vehicles, people are increasingly aware of the need to ensure that their homes and possessions are safe.

So you can be confident we can safeguard you, your home and your most valuable assets, Nox can provide the following protection services:

Any number of client dictated patrols during the silent hours (usually advise 4 visits) to check premises and create a presence to deter any trespass and/or criminal activity. Included in the package is the keyholding/alarm response service to deal with any break-ins or possible false alarms.

A stand-alone service without patrols to respond to potential break-ins and false alarms to either act alone or accompany any existing key holders to a potentially dangerous situation. Also included is a boarding service for broken access points (windows or doors)

Provision of a static guard to be on-site overnight or at times when your property is empty; to secure the access points, liaise with any visitors, patrol the grounds and perimeters and watch over the property. In the event of any emergencies the guard has the assistance of the mobile patrol. (Suitable for high risk private homes and private builds nearing completion.)

All services are available on a flexible basis, from an ad-hoc request or for longer terms, where economy deductions will become effective. We are able to tailor a service to your specific needs, just let us know your requirements.

Have a look at our unique approach to understand the way we assess, design, agree and deliver our services to clients.


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