welcome to nox


Our mission and purpose is 'to provide peace of mind by extending dedicated security services' and we believe
we will attain this and differentiate ourselves within in our market by:

  • Always offering an unrivalled calibre of service and quality of staff.
  • Sticking to our business strategy to 'only' provide services locally, which enables us to be logistically responsive, have tertiary knowledge and extend a heavy presence.
  • Continuing to employ specialists who work as a cohesive team, as we can't each claim to ‘know it all’.
  • Concentrating on being heavily service focused allowing personable and long-lasting relationships.
  • Caintaining our outcome focused attitude, ensuring we deliver services that bring about results.
  • Employing specialist combinations of experiences and talents are not only in industry experience but in business acumen, which allows us to deliver a truly professional standard of service.